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Meet the ArborTrek Smugglers' Notch Staff

Michael Smith, President

Michael is, more often than not, found in the office plotting and strategizing how to install zip lines in our cities and woods, spreading the ArborTrek mission or wrangling the phones. What he most loves about ArborTrek is the opportunity to serve people and to help families and small groups learn about themselves and the World around them. He is passionate about wild spaces, adventure education and working with new people.

Nate Vince, Course Manager

Nate is a true renaissance man. While studying art at Wayne State University in Detroit, Nate discovered his passion for climbing. In addition to frequent personal trips to crags and big walls across the United States, Nate has worked as a climbing team coach. Prior to joining the ArborTrek team, Nate specialized in custom metal fabrication for artwork and architectural pieces. In his spare time, Nate can be found bouldering in the Notch and trail running around the Smugglers' Notch Area.

Ellen Legg, Guide

When not guiding groups of people on kayaking, bicycling, canyoneering, and ziplining tours, Ellen Legg can be found frolicking with her three playful dogs, Alpine, Nora and Syrus. Ellen's degree in Outdoor Adventure Education, endless patience, and genuine love of teaching people new things have also served her well as supervisor of the Smuggler's Notch ropes course for the past eleven years. When not hanging out in the trees, Ellen and her husband, Jamie, also enjoy taking their dogs for canoe and camping trips.

Benjamin Massey, Asst. Course Manager

When not guiding canopy tours or working on the AborTrek build team, Benjamin Massey can be found cruising Vermont's back roads on his '75 Honda motorcycle, scouting out new rock outcroppings to climb. He applies his background in chemistry, gained from a degree in Environmental Science from Johnson State College, in inventing new beer recipes and concocting batches of homebrew.

April Edwards, Bookkeeper

A local in the truest sense (our road is named for her family), April is responsible for safeguarding and advancing the inner workings of the company. While often found locked in the office in front of multiple monitors pouring over accounts receivable, taxes, and excel sheets, she is equally at ease taking bookings, welcoming guests, or caring for and showing off her prized horses.

Stephanie Locke, Guide

Stephanie Locke, a local Cambridge gal, earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Biology from St. Lawrence college in New York. After spending some years as a Biological Technician in the woods around the Hudson Valley studying Lyme's disease, and in the forests of Illinois studying the movement patterns of deer, she needed a change of pace. Unable to ever fully remove herself from the forest, Stephanie wound up trading those quiet, lonely observational tree stands for our more social, jovial ones. She brings plenty of ecological facts and history to her tours as she takes people zip lining through the forest she knows and loves so well.

Hope Chipman, Guide

Hope came to Vermont seeking a more rural atmosphere with access to outdoor recreation and adventure. She is well suited to the job of guiding, both in her instruction and ability to entertain a crowd. Whether performing as Arbor the Frog, guiding a tour, or helping welcome guests, Hope always makes certain our guests are having a great time. When she's not guiding, Hope can be found exploring her newest hobby, rock climbing. She is an extremely enthusiastic climber, always heading off to a new climb in any weather.

Ed Palermo, Guide

Hailing from the warmer reaches of Florida, Ed has adapted quickly to northern Vermont. Frequently found guiding tours, Ed has also taken up the craft of adventure park fabrication and zip line tour construction.

Chris Lowney, Guide

Chris is an avid outdoorsman and explorer. When not guiding tours or working on the ArborTrek build team, Chris is busy skiing, mountain biking or exploring the Notch. Chris is excited about his new hobby of welding.

David J Miller, Guide

David has a long history in the world of adventure sports. Rock climbing as a Boy Scout kindled his interest, which led to a career in Adventure Therapy working with at risk youth in his home state of Pennsylvania. After some travel adventures and deciding to pursue adventure education full time, David eventually landed in Vermont. He now teaches skiing and hang gliding when not zipping. His passions for downhill skiing and hang gliding will next take him to Japan, then on to Europe for a grand tour of the world's mountains and all they offer. On the rare occasion that David stops moving, you can find him relaxing at home with the coolest cat in the world, Toby.

Ian Adams, Guide

Ian grew up in the woods of VT and studied Civil Engineering at UVM. In his free time, he likes to jump off stuff, "chillax", and ride his fixie. Asked about his interests, he lists skiing, skateboarding, and "being the man." His life goals include skiing around the world and becoming rich and famous.

Michael Crowe, Guide

Mike is currently finishing up a degree in business administration at Champlain College. In addition to his academic pursuits, he is the Captain of the Rugby team.

Will Furcolo, Guide

Will is currently attending Champlain College pursuing a business degree. In addition to being a rock star guide, Will helps out with web design, marketing, and market research.

Zach Benoit

After a childhood spent in Duxbury, Massachusetts, Zach’s love of skiing and the outdoors lead him to Vermont, where he is currently studying Neuroscience and Microbiology at UVM. He was recruited to the ArborTrek team by friend and fellow UVM student Ian Adams, and he has found that guiding is the perfect outlet for his outgoing personality and enthusiasm for meeting new people. When not hanging out at heights, he can be found playing guitar and drums or spending time with his Cockapoo, Skippy.

Shea Sweeney, Guide

Shea is one of our most well-traveled staff members; she grew up spending time between Jeffersonville and St. Croix, and has since visited Japan, Singapore, Bali, and most recently Tanzania. After coming to ArborTrek with her dad for a canopy tour, she decided that Guiding would be her next adventure. If she isn’t zipping, SCUBA diving, or planning her next trip, Shea can always be found with her nose in a book. If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch sight of her reading high in the branches of a tree, sometimes accompanied by her pet bearded dragon, Sinbad.

Taylor James, Guide

Taylor has the distinction of being our youngest guide. Friendly, humorous and knowledgeable about the local area, Taylor enjoys guiding because he gets to meet new people and play outside. In addition to guiding, Taylor likes down-hill longboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and making short films.

Tanner Nibley

After growing up in Virginia, Tanner moved to VT in 2008, and then to the Smugglers’ Notch area to attend Johnson State College, where he studies Outdoor Education. He was a zipline tour guide at a different canopy tour in the summer of 2012, and was excited to find a similar job close to school for the summer of 2013. When he’s not studying or working, Tanner likes rock climbing, hiking, and white water rafting.

Nash Garceau

Yet another Johnson State College Student, Nash has been passionate about the outdoors for his entire life. He jumped on the opportunity to work at ArborTrek and spend his summer in the trees. He skis all winter, wakeboards in the summer, and is always looking for his next adventure. His motto in life is “Trust your instincts, follow your passion!”

Mark Parsons

Mark is a recent transplant to VT; after finishing college in New York and working a desk job for a time, he decided that suburban life was not for him. He now plays outside for a living year round, coaching snowboarding in the winter, ziplining in the summer, and learning to rock climb in between. When he stops moving for a moment (which is rare) he can be found in his new garden.

David Raybould

Originally from England, Dave came to the US to attend college in MD, migrated to NJ, and finally to Stowe VT. He found ArborTrek while searching for a job in the Stowe area that would allow him to continue exploring his passions for adventure and the outdoors. He has spent many years working in the sports industry, most recently as a ski instructor. Dave is also web & graphic designer, photographer, and Volkswagen enthusiast.

Wyatt Wilson

Wyatt is a real local Vermonter. Born and raised in the Jeffersonville area, he was a groundskeeper at Smugglers’ Notch for several years. After ziplining for the first time in 2010, he dreamt of guiding for two summers while mowing the ArborTrek property, until the spring of 2013 when he took the leap and joined the ArborTrek team. When he’s not at work, Wyatt likes to ski, hike, hunt and fish.

Seth Beber

The son of ArborTrek’s Chairman, Seth is following in his father’s footsteps by taking an interest in ziplining and canopy adventures. He returns to Vermont each summer from school at Penn State to guide tours and help with marketing projects. When he is back at school, Seth enjoys playing hockey and baseball. Here in VT you can find him using his days off to explore local golf courses.

Brendon Kay

Brendon began working at ArborTrek in the spring of 2013 as a builder for our new Treetop Obstacle Course. He was recruited by a friend who enticed him with the promise of a “really cool job”. Now that building is winding down, Brendon will also be found guiding tours and helping guests through the new courses. Brendon enjoys mathematics and engineering as well as snowboarding, biking, and computer programming.

Michael Shirk

A former martial arts instructor, Michael has always had a taste for adventure. Like many of our guides, he is a UVM student, studying Psychology & Anthropology. His favorite food is Sushi and he enjoys kayaking and white water rafting, as well as playing music. Michael hopes to someday live and work in Europe.

Kendall Williams

Kendall graduated from UVM in 2013 with a degree in Parks, Recreation & Tourism. He then decided that he should put his education to good use and find a job that would get him outside and working in the tourism industry, and ArborTrek fit the bill. His interests include snowboarding, bowling, and biking, and he has a true love of orange soda.

Scott Hiller

Like many of our summer staff, Scott is a UVM student. After hearing about ArborTrek from friends at the University, the skier and outdoor enthusiast decided that ziplining would be a fun summer job. Scott is a true outdoorsman, spending his free time hiking, backpacking, cliff jumping, and camping. He hopes to go to Med School once he completes his undergrad.

Erin Cain, Guide

Erin is a true Vermonter; she enjoys being outside in any weather and is always up for an adventure. Before joining the team at ArborTrek, she sailed and kayaked through Puerto Rico, worked as an industrial sewing machine operator and got certified as a massage therapist. Her positive attitude, people skills, and endless energy serve her well as a zip line guide. When she's not flying through the trees, Erin enjoys river floating expeditions, reading, and watching the sunset. She's also an International Champion Rock Skipper, leading the field in both the men's and women's divisions.

Rhonda Sandweiss, Trainer

Rhonda has more than 20 years experience facilitating adventure challenge programs for school, youth, and community groups and delivering professional training. A sometimes trainer for canopy tour builder, S.T.E.P.S., Inc., Rhonda enjoys spending time in Vermont, guiding tours and working with ArborTrek staff. When not working, Rhonda can be found climbing or swimming.

Katie LeBlanc, Guide

Katie is as local as it gets; the daughter of ArborTrek's own accountant and office manager April, Katie grew up literally around the corner. An adventurous young lady, Katie plays rugby, wrangles horses, and sometimes dances Salsa in the office. Her talents include speaking fluent French, lifeguarding, and multi-tasking. You'll find Katie everywhere at ArborTrek, taking reservations at the desk and guiding tours through the trees.

Ellen Legg, Guide

When not guiding groups of people on kayaking, bicycling, canyoneering, and ziplining tours, Ellen Legg can be found frolicking with her three playful dogs, Alpine, Nora and Syrus. Ellen's degree in Outdoor Adventure Education, endless patience, and genuine love of teaching people new things have also served her well as supervisor of the Smuggler's Notch ropes course for the past eleven years. When not hanging out in the trees, Ellen and her husband, Jamie, also enjoy taking their dogs for canoe and camping trips.

Roger Lindala, Guide

Born in Canada, Roger zipped across the border while seeking a chance to study Vermont wildlife. That was more than 10 years ago and we still can't seem to get him to leave a party! The self-described "ecogeek" dreams of doing more-with-less on his Bakersfield homestead and can always be counted on to win the daily "corniest" joke contest.

Phoebe Zorn

Phoebe Zorn, a.k.a. “monkey toes”, is not only adept at picking things up with her feet, but is also a force to be reckoned with on the ski slopes. When asked where she grew up, Phoebe’s answer is: on the mountain (translation: the ski slopes at Jay Peak). Phoebe cut her teeth on said ski slopes, and, being homeschooled, looked to the ski instructors, lift mechanics, and receptionists as mentors and teachers. So much was her familiarity with the mountain, and resort, and her ease on the slopes, that Phoebe began teaching skiing at the tender age of twelve. To avoid depression during those long months between winters, Phoebe set out in search for a job that would provide speed and thrill in the great outdoors, and was beside herself with joy when she discovered ArorTrek. When not careening down mountains in one way or another, Phoebe can be found riding her horse through Vermont’s abundant countryside, or in the kitchen testing out new recipes for her cookbook.

Rebecca Johnson

Becca Johnson is an artist, teacher and acrobat. After spending her twenties traveling to many countries around the globe, including a two-year stint in Italy where she was earning a Masters of Fine Art from American University, she finally decided to settle down, moving to Vermont for love. When not taking groups of people on treetop tours at ArborTrek, Becca can be found multi-tasking behind the front desk.

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