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Smugglers' Notch, Vermont

Leaf Peeping Awesomeness!

The crisp smell of fall is in the air in Northern Vermont and the colors are beginning to pop.  Warm weather in September has postponed peak season and we are just now beginning to see the vibrant reds and oranges which set off the landscape.  Don't wait, the colors won't stay long.  Get out and enjoy the outdoors on a zip line canopy tour or treetop obstacle course and live life adventurously this fall.

Winter Hours 2014-2015


We are excited to announce that ArborTrek Canopy Adventures will remain open throughout the Winter of 2014-15. This will be our fourth year offering wonderful winter tours. Winter tours are a whole new experience, even for the seasoned Zipliner or Treetop Obstacle Course expert. Cold weather, snow filled trees, and long leafless views transform the Summer course into a Winter Wonderland. Although they require a few more layers of bundling up, Winter tours are a magical experience not to be missed.

Beginning October 27, 2014, we will move to winter hours of operations. The Treetop Obstacle Course will remain open to groups of 16 or more through November and possibly into December while the weather is good. The Zip Line Canopy Tour will be open Friday to Sunday with departures scheduled to maximize available sunlight. Please call for availability or visit reservations.arbortrek.com/res/ for more details. Additional availability through the week will be scheduled for holidays and opened to groups of 8 or more with advance reservations. We will return to Spring hours of operation in mid-March.

Teacher’s Discount Continues

ArborTrek-Smugglers-Notch-2013-12-09 19-24-08 017

It is back-to school season and I have been thinking about Teachers and School Support staff, and how hard they work. My wife is a teacher. I watch her pour her heart and soul into what she does, and it's not just her heart that she pours into her class. It's her time, money, and energy (which often amazes me and seems endless). In fact, I was so inspired by watching her that I decided it was time we thanked Vermont teachers here at ArborTrek. When you're looking for ways to relax, re-energize, and get outside this year, we hope you'll consider joining us in the trees. You deserve it! And we'll help by taking 50% OFF of your ticket. We have been offering a 50% teacher discount at ArborTrek for a while now, and I decided it was time to make it a permanent discount.

Vermont Teachers and Support Staff Save 50% OFF on Zip Line Canopy Tour or Treetop Obstacle Course every day at ArborTrek. One per customer. Must show proof of position as a teacher at a Vermont private or public school, college, university, or academy. Not valid with other promotions. Cannot be applied to other purchases, eGift Cards, or transferred to other riders.

Fall Events and New Elements


Fall is one of my favorite times to get into the trees and explore. The brisk air and bright foliage, along with slower pace in the area makes Fall in the Green Mountains an opportune time to visit and play.

This Fall, we will be expanding the Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure to provide new opportunities and adventures for all ages. The Climbing Adventure will receive 6 new elements including:
>Block Climbing (blue): Leap frog your way to the top
>Incline Wall (black): A steeper and more challenging version of our favorite Swiss Cheese Wall (green)
>Campus Climb (black): A training climb for future Ninja Warriors certain to give the forearms a pump
>Giant's Ladder (blue): A test for individuals or couples, the hanging ladder starts with rungs close and then gets harder as you climb higher
The last two elements are in the production stage, but will be kept a secret until completed, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates throughout the fall.

The Back 40 will see the development of a new low blue course. The course will have its own entrance and wrap in and out of the existing low course, providing those who start on the current low course an opportunity to up the challenge, or for those who are fatiguing on the new course, an opportunity to escape back to green runs. The new low course will include 11 new elements.

Additionally, we will be expanding the upper course area with one new double black diamond element and three new black elements. Based on the popularity of The Eliminator (our first double black diamond), the new double black diamond element, named Monkey See, Monkey Doo Doo, will require participants to cross 16' of monkey bars, rest, and then swing 45 feet to freedom. Other elements will include a helix bridge, zip swing, and high vine traverse.

Once the expansion is complete, the Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure will include nearly 100 elements. During the Fall season, the Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure will be open on weekends for pay-to-play bookings, and through the week for groups of 16 or more. The zip line canopy tour will remain open all fall, seven days a week. We do require 4 participants to run a tour and tours are conducted daily at 9, 12, and 3:15 so make sure you book in advance. Additional departures will be available during peak leaf peeping periods or as needed.

School groups and community groups, take your team to the next level with one of our adventure-based team building sessions, available daily by advance reservation. To book a group adventure or schedule for the fall, call (802) 644-9300.

Treetop Obstacle Course celebrates one year anniversary with new elements!



Since the Grand Opening one year ago, our Treetop Obstacle Course builders have been hard at work in the quiet seasons, adding new elements to further challenge and inspire you. This spring, we opened seven new elements in the Back 40, and a second ground school to assist with large groups and help small groups maximize their time in the air. These new improvements include "The Eliminator", which is our first double black diamond and is designed to provide a full body pump... if you can make it across!

Participants either love the Tire Swings or hate the Tire Swings. The new mid-course bypass is a 4-element Blue section which offers a new ladder entrance, handrail traverse, X's and O's and high V's and bypasses the Tire Swings for those looking for something a little more tame. Other new elements include The Snake Bridge on the Green course, which is a challenging balance act requiring users to trust their feet; the Multi-vine Traverse on Blue which allows you to transfer right from the lower course to the mid-level course without touching the ground, while practicing balance using rope vines to help you traverse a foot cable; and the High Log Swings on Black, where you can go right from the mid-level course to Black via 30' swinging log steps.

Whether you've conquered the Treetop Obstacle Course and you're looking for a new challenge, or you haven't tried it yet, there's no better time to come out and play. The new elements are up and getting rave reviews already, so give us a call at (802) 644-9300 to book today.


Spring in Smugglers’ Notch

ArborTrek-Smugglers-Notch-2013-12-09 19-24-22 026

The snow is finally melting and spring has sprung at ArborTrek Smugglers' Notch. Summer lies ahead and that means that we are hard at work getting ready for busy days in the trees. One of the most exciting parts of spring prep work is hiring and training new employees, and this year's crew of guides and support staff are shaping up to be great! We are lucky to have a large number of college students and recent graduates from some of Vermont's best universities, as well as a diverse group of older and younger staff from near and far. The interesting personalities and experiences of our staff are one of the things that makes ArborTrek adventures truly unique, and getting to know the "newbies" is always a fun part of the year. Of course, we can't forget our returning staff, some of whom have been with us since the beginning of the company and the first days of building. Truly, our enthusiastic and diverse staff are an amazing asset and what makes ArborTrek adventures so much fun.

Break a Sweat in the Trees this Winter on the Treetop Obstacle Course!

ArborTrek-Smugglers-Notch-2013-12-27 19-19-24 011

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Looking to warm up your toes and shake of those winter doldrums? Look no farther than ArborTrek's Treetop Obstacle Course. While Winter Zipping has been a popular choice since we first opened, the Treetop Obstacle Course offers an entirely different winter experience. On a recent cold December day, I had the chance to test the Obstacle course in winter conditions for the first time, and it was a whole new experience. Ground school was a bit chilly, but as soon as we got up on the first few elements, I warmed right up and even broke a sweat. Just like on the Zipline tour, the woods were peaceful and bright white, but I was far more focused on making my way across snowy elements and chilly zips. Although I had completed the course before on a sunny fall day, winter weather added a new level of adventure to the challenge, and it was a great feeling to warm up and get moving out in the cold. I would highly recommend a winter adventure to anyone, whether it is your first time visiting ArborTrek or you are a seasoned Zipline pro.

We are open for Treetop Obstacle Course and Zipline Tours 7 days a week by reservation, so give us a call at (802) 644-9300 to book.


ArborTrek Adds New Group Options with Team Building and Team Bonding Programs

ArborTrek-Smugglers-Notch-2014-09-11 10-05-35 005

Earlier this week, ArborTrek staff gathered for two days of fun and games. But this wasn't just an end-of-summer break for the guides; it was an introduction to the world of Team Building Initiative facilitation. Through this intro course and ongoing training, our staff is learning how to guide groups of all kinds in games, initiatives, and reflection to facilitate team building and team bonding goals. While the training was fun, and lots of laughter was heard echoing through the Notch, serious discussion of how to encourage personal and team growth through challenge and adventure was also a major part of the two days. ArborTrek guides left the two-day training with a stronger team bond, new strategies for working as a group and resolving conflicts, and a sense of excitement about being team building facilitators.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
To learn more about our Team Building programs, click here.

Treetop Obstacle Course Open

All 50 elements of the new Treetop Obstacle Course along with 8 new vertical challenges at the Climbing Adventure are open.  Hundreds of guests have already given the course a thumbs up, but don't take our word for it.  We recommend coming out and trying for yourself.  Options are available for youth as young as 4 years with adult supervision.  It's a great way to recreate as a family. 


Apple Creek Treetop Obstacle Course Area at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures lets 4 years olds, accompanied on course by a parent, take to the trees for an unforgettable adventure

The youngest climber to challenge "The Creek".  Son of the company founder, Cody tries out all of the elements before letting his dad give the okay stamp.  At three years, Cody has completed almost all of The Creek and summitted most of the Climbing Adventure climbs.  He is anxious to be four and a little taller so he can complete all of the obstacles without having to have staff carry him across. 


Like Cody, Wyatt is an adventurer at heart. At five years, he's ready to challenge anyone to a "Climb Off" at the Climbing Adventure and is an avid trekker on the Apple Creek Course.  His favorite element... racing Dad up the Swiss Cheese Wall on the Climbing Adventure.

Thanks to Alex Martin at SmuggsTV for this new video showing off the Treetop Obstacle Course.

Vermont Teachers Save 50%

Vermont Teachers Zip Line and Save

My wife is a teacher.  I watch her pour her heart and soul into what she does.  This past year, she decided to incorporate more technology into her classroom.  She spent hours writing grants for iPads, contacted and pursuaded companies to provide her software licenses, and then spent hours creating dynamic content including videos, surveys, and online labs.  By the end of the year, she had flipped her classroom and she was very proud of what she had done.  I was proud of what she accomplished.  And her students appeared to benefit from all of her hard work. 

It's not just her heart that she pours into her class.  It's her time, money, and energy (which often amazes me and seems endless).  In fact, I was so inspired by watching her that I decided it was time we thanked Vermont teachers here at ArborTrek.  When you're looking for ways to kick back and relax this summer, we hope you'll consider joining us in the trees.  You deserve it!  And we'll help by taking 50% OFF of your ticket. 

Vermont Teachers Save 50% OFF on a Zip Line Canopy Tour or Treetop Obstacle Course.  Valid June 17 - August 30, 2013.  Vermont Teachers Save 50% OFF on Zip Line Canopy Tour or Treetop Obstacle Course through the end of 2014.  One per customer.  Must show proof of position as a teacher at a Vermont private or public school, college, university, or academy.  Not valid with other promotions.   Cannot be applied to other purchases, eGift Cards, or transferred to other riders.

Outdoor Adventures: A Family Affair


In this age of ubiquitous Internet, smart phones, and video games, it's so easy for kids (and adults) to view the world from the tiny rectangle of their computer screen and spend endless "recreation" hours without moving a muscle beyond those that control their texting thumbs. But despite, or perhaps in response to, the increase in technology and virtual worlds, the active family adventure vacation is on the rise.

Smugglers' Notch Resort has responded to this increased demand by implementing new and exciting, fun-for-the-whole-family outdoor challenges to help guests connect with the stunning Green Mountain scenery around them while getting their adrenaline pumping with high-energy, thrilling eco-adventures. In addition to Smugglers' tried and true favorites, including zip lining, rock climbing, and the multi-sport Via Ferrata adventure, the 2013 summer season will introduce the newest set of exciting challenges – an invigorating Treetop Obstacle Course and an array of Innovative Climbing Adventures.

Read the entire article as included in 2013 summer edition of Explore Smuggs

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