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Summer Arrives

After being pummeled for a month straight with unreasonably insistent rains, the weather patterns seem to be, finally, a bit saner. July has arrived like the poster child of Vermont summers, with cool, foggy mornings and perfect afternoons. I think people maaaay have noticed, as not only the forest is abuzz with critters busy making house, but it’s also abuzz with the endless sound of zipping. From eight-year-olds on family vacation to eighty-eight-year-olds crossing it off their bucket list, it is apparent that the hordes have arrived to zip. It feels like the Mecca of fun here at ArborTrek, so come on, pilgrims!

So if a group of geese is called a gaggle, a group of dolphins is a pod, a number of larks is an exaltation, multiple bears make a sleuth, owls together form a parliament, and a group of crows, unfortunately, is deemed to be a murder…. (The list goes on and on, I happen to have a minor obsession with collective nouns), then WHAT, pray tell, might a group (horde, crowd) of zippers be??? The best suggestion for a collective noun for zippers wins a free water bottle!

Oh yeah, and the turkeys have arrived! They travel together, and a group of turkeys strutting across the road en masse is called a rafter.

Latest News

New Aerial Adventure Park to Open at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Pikeville, Tennessee – ArborTrek Canopy Adventures has teamed up with The Adventure Guild, LLC, a Tennessee-based adventure park builder/operator, to develop an aerial adventure park at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee's largest and most visited state park. The 2.5-hour, self-guided tour con...

ArborTrek President Elected to Board of Directors of ACCT

Michael Smith, President of ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, LLC, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the leading standards author and professional trade association for the canopy/zipline and aerial adventure park market.   Founded in 1...

ArborTrek to Open Two New Eco-Adventures in Smugglers' Notch

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures at Smugglers' Notch, Vermont is expanding its services in the spring and summer of 2013.  In addition to the established Zip Line Canopy Tour, which was named one of the "World's Coolest Zip Lines" by Travel + Leisure magazine and one of the best wilderness zip lin...

ArborTrek Smugglers' Notch Featured on Vermont Public Television Outdoor Journal

Gina Bullard of WCAX joined us in the trees last October for a zip line canopy tour through Vermont's fall foliage.  While the zip line canopy tour is open year-round to guests at Smugglers' Notch Resort, locals, and visitors to the region, there is perhaps no better time to go zip lining in th...
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