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ArborTrek provides the opportunity for established tour operators, parks, resorts, museums, zoos, and land owners with wooded property or unique terrain located near tourist destinations or in heavily populated areas to enter into the emerging eco-adventure park market with the management experience, systems, and financial backing necessary to be successful. 

In turn for a long-term concession and agreement of exclusivity to operate the canopy tours, zip lines, aerial adventure courses and other eco-adventure park activities on the property, ArborTrek will finance the tour and provide the brand, experience, systems, and management oversight needed to design, install, operate and maintain the course(s). A separate company will be created to oversee all of the day-to-day operations, staffing, and basic upkeep, so you don’t have to. In some arrangements, the land owner may also contribute capital, access to facilities, infrastructure, and ongoing support. Several partnership options are available including a fixed lease, enhanced lease which includes a percentage share of revenue on an escalating scale, and percentage ownership.

Top Reasons to Partner with ArborTrek

1. We provide the working and start-up capital.

ArborTrek provides all of the start-up and working capital.  We carry five times the general liablity insurance carried by the majority of builders and operators on the market. 

2. Our extensive experience.

Our management team and corporate partners have years of experience growing businesses inside and out of the adventure tourism market.  Our principals and partners have helped to design, build, and grow many of the most popular canopy tours and adventure parks in North America and are ready for a new challenge… to grow ArborTrek into the premier provider of zip line canopy tours and aerial adventure parks in North America.

3. More customers.

Depending on location and proximity to a tourist destination or urban area, ArborTrek tours will draw between 15,000 and 40,000 customers per year after the first year.  Our market studies show that tours will regularly draw guests from as far a 4.5 to 5.0 hours drive.  By establishing a chain of tours, we seek to draw and attract customers to a brand they can trust, increasing repeat business and market draw.

4. More than amusement.

ArborTrek tours are more than pure amusement. They are designed to help customers escape the rush of everyday, experience nature, bond with other members in their group, and step outside of their comfort zones.  At the end of a tour, it’s not enough for us that a customer simply enjoyed the tour and wants to come back; we want them to feel connected and to leave having learned more about themselves, their group, and the world around them.

5. Change is coming.  We are prepared.

Since 2005, the zip line canopy tour market in the United States and Canada has grown at incredible rates. With the boom has come new technologies, new hardware, and new challenges.  In the Fall of 2012, ASTM F-24 group published new standards that heavily impacted the way zip line tours and aerial adventure parks are constructed.  This is just the tip of the ice berg.  States are now individually regulating courses leading to increased expenses to operators and significantly higher construction costs.  ArborTrek’s management team is abreast of these changes and has been working hard to develop new systems that better manage risk, improve the customer experience, promote good practices, and more effectively manage operations.  Further, our connections in the industry and ability to perform much of the work in-house greatly reduce the initial expenses of construction and support our efforts to operate profitably in a more challenging environment.

6. Exquisite design.  Green focus.

Each build is a unique creation. Whether designing a canopy tour in trees or an adventure course in a city park, we believe that quality of craftsmanship and design enhances the user experience and creates value.  While any course built in a natural setting will have impact on the environment, we take pride in our ability to work with the environment to create a program that is sustainable and educates the public on the impacts of the project.  Our course are designed to immerse participants into a novel environment and to foster and appreciation for that environment.  Green building techniques and efforts are core to this tennant.  

7. It makes good business sense.

Plain and simple, professional management makes good business sense. Through economy of scale and experience, we are able to provide systems for reservations, operations, staff development, marketing, maintenance, and management that are unavailable to a stand-alone business and that take significant time and cost to develop. Our systems reduce risk, improve the user experience, and put the hard work in our hands, so that you can focus on your core business or just relax.

8. Our parks generate more revenue.

Our parks generate you more revenue.  We offer three partnership types.  Depending on whether you are seeking income from the start or looking for a larger pay-off in the long run, we offer partnership agreements that will generate direct revenue.  In the case of resorts and other attractions, our tours also generate potential for significant ancillary revenue.

9. We're passionate about what we do.

Here at ArborTrek, we are passionate about adventure, zip lines, fitness, and business. We love what we do and it shows in how we serve our customers, how we work with the environment, and how we run our business.

10. We deliver an outstanding experience.

Not all eco-adventure parks are built the same.  We take great pride in our courses, our ability to work with the environment, and the experiences that we deliver.  We encourage prospective operators to join us in the trees to experience the difference.



We are always on the lookout for exciting new locations. If you think your site is right for an ArborTrek course or if you know of a site that you think would fit our mission, please let us know.

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