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Eco-Adventure Park Tour Types

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures is driven to design, develop, and deliver novel, eco-adventures programs that foster an appreciation for the environment, create lasting memories, and help individuals learn more about and connect with themselves, and the people and world around them.

The following are core acitivities found at ArborTrek sites:


Zip Line Canopy Tour

A series of tree-to-tree, ground-to-ground, or tower-to-tower traverses, incorporating sky bridges, hiking trails, and rappels.  The focus is upon guided exploration of the geography and ecology of the area, and tours are highly interactive.  Designed to be gravity-driven, our zip line canopy tours combine the thrill of zip-lining with instruction, coaching, movement at heights, and education.  Tours are designed for participants of moderate to good health and accessible to most participants.

LOCATIONS: Zip Line Canopy Tour Smugglers' Notch/Stowe, Vermont

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Aerial Trekking Courses & Adventure Parks

A series of tree-to-tree or pole-to-pole traverses incorporating rope bridges and zip lines with a combination of more physically demanding elements designed to test a participant's agaility, strength, balance, stamina, and courage.  Tour are designed for participants of good to excellent health who are seeking a physical challenge.

LOCATIONS: Zip Line Canopy Tour Smugglers' Notch/Stowe, Vermont

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Zip Ride - Zip Line

Long, amusement-park style zip lines for two or more riders, boasting high speeds and thrills, and allowing riders to race one another to the finish.

LOCATIONS: Coming Soon

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Adventure Challenge Low Ropes Group Initiatives

A series of ground-based obstacles that present physical, mental, and emotional challenges that invite a group to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communications. 

LOCATIONS: Team building Smugglers' Notch/Stowe, Vermont

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Other Eco-Adventure Concepts

Our sites frequently supplement our core programming with additional features to provide guests with new experiences.  The following are just a few concepts we have experience in implementing at sites and will be bringing to ArborTrek sites: Adventure-Based Teambuilding, Adventure Races/Competitions, Tree Climbing, Rock Climbing, Giant Swings, Off-Road Segways, Free-Falls/Jumps, Mountain Biking, Geo-Caching.

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If you are seeking to participate in our programs, please click on the site location under the activity.  To learn more about ArborTrek Canopy Adventures' partnership opportunities, please contact Michael Smith at (248) 321-4968.


Business Oppurtunities

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures offers a variety of ways to partner. Whether you're looking togrow your business, grow our business, or help a local charity. Please take a time to look at some of the options below. If you have questions or are ready to get started, please contact us.

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures Canopy Tour Agents & Resellers

ArborTrek Agents and ResellersArborTrek Canopy Adventures makes it easy for you to book tours online clients and earn a commission. When you’re a registered agent with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, you can make reservations online anytime day or night.  Net rates are also available for hotels, lodges, resorts and event planners who send us large groups. 



Build an ArborTrek Zipline Canopy TourPark at Your Site

ArborTrek Agents and ResellersArborTrek is actively seeking partners with property to develop our brand of canopy tours and adventure parks. We provide a complete solution for resorts, tour operators, and land owners who are seeking to enter the canopy tour and adventure park market but lack the experience or capital to do so on their own.



Marketing Events and Promotions

ArborTrek Agents and ResellersWhether you're seeking to offer to a special promotion to bring more people in the door; have a good cause to promote, or simply want to exchange links and increase web exposure,we're always open to opportunities to partner with local businessesand organizations.



Marketing & Promotional Opportunities

We’re excited to be part of the local community and to see local businesses thrive. To help promote local businesses and organizations we have created a number of opportunities for co-marketing.

Exchange Links
We are always open to co-marketing opportunities on the web.  We simply ask that you do the same for us on your website.  If you run a blog, portal site, or large tour operation directory, we are happy to discuss pay-per-click or pay-per-conversion opportunities.

Packaged Tours
We are always happy to work with local businesses to create packaged tours.  To learn more about co-branding and packaged tour options, please contact us.

Local Marketing
Lots of customers pass through our doors each day. Many of them are new to the area.  Some are staying for a short period of time, others are just passing through.  If you would like to advertise in our Welcome Center, please contact us.

Promote ArborTrek Canopy Adventures
Would you like to promote ArborTrek Canopy Adventures and be paid a commission? To learn more about how you can earn money promoting ArborTrek, visit our Agents and Resellers page.

Special Events and Promotions
Seeking to raise funds or deliver an unforgettable charity events? Want to over a special promotion to put more heads in beds or draw attention to your business? We are always open to discuss special event and promotion opportunities.

For more information about these or other marketing and promotion opportunities, please contact Michael Smith at (248) 321-4968. 

Why Choose Us?

There are probably a number of good reasons not to work with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures. If you are a proclaimed do-it yourselfer or are looking to run your own business, we can recommend an excellent zip line canopy tour builder. On the other hand, if you have a well located tract of land or tourist operation, consider the following:

1. We’re Passionate People

Here at ArborTrek, we are passionate about adventure, zip lines, fitness, and business. We love what we do and it shows in how we serve our customers, how we work with the environment, and how we run our business.

2. Our Experience

Our management team and corporate partners have years of experience growing businesses inside and out of the adventure field. Our principals and partners have helped to design, build, and grow many of the most popular canopy tours and adventure parks in North America and are ready for a new challenge… growing the ArborTrek!

3. More Customers

Depending on location and proximity to a tourist destination or urban area, ArborTrek tours will draw between 15,000 and 30,000 customers per year after the first year. Our market studies show that tours will regularly draw guests from as far a 4.5 to 5.0 hours drive. By establishing a chain of tours, we seek to draw and attract customers to a brand they can trust, increasing repeat business and market draw.

5. More than Amusement

ArborTrek tours are more than pure amusement. They are designed to help customers escape the rush of everyday, experience nature, bond with other members in their group, and step outside of their comfort zones. At the end of a tour, it’s not enough for us that a customer simply enjoyed the tour and wants to come back; we want them to feel connected and to leave having learned more about themselves, their group, and the world around them.

6. Change is coming? We’re prepared

Since 2005, the canopy tour market in the United States and Canada has grown at incredible rates. With the boom has come new technologies, new hardware, and new challenges. While largely unregulated in North America, change is coming. ArborTrek’s management team is abreast of these changes and has been working hard to develop new systems that better manage risk, improve the customer experience, promote good practices, and more effectively manage operations.

7. Exquisite Design

Each build is a unique creation. Whether designing a canopy tour in trees or an adventure course in a city park, we believe that quality of craftsmanship and design enhances the user experience and creates value.

8. It Makes Good Business Sense

Plain and simple, professional management makes good business sense. Through economy of scale and experience, we are able to provide systems for reservations, operations, staff development, marketing, maintenance, and management that are unavailable to single business and that take significant time to develop. Our systems reduce risk, improve the user experience, and put the hard work in our hands, so that you can focus on your core business or just relax.


Latest News

New Aerial Adventure Park to Open at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Pikeville, Tennessee – ArborTrek Canopy Adventures has teamed up with The Adventure Guild, LLC, a Tennessee-based adventure park builder/operator, to develop an aerial adventure park at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee's largest and most visited state park. The 2.5-hour, self-guided tour con...

ArborTrek President Elected to Board of Directors of ACCT

Michael Smith, President of ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, LLC, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the leading standards author and professional trade association for the canopy/zipline and aerial adventure park market.   Founded in 1...

ArborTrek to Open Two New Eco-Adventures in Smugglers' Notch

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures at Smugglers' Notch, Vermont is expanding its services in the spring and summer of 2013.  In addition to the established Zip Line Canopy Tour, which was named one of the "World's Coolest Zip Lines" by Travel + Leisure magazine and one of the best wilderness zip lin...

ArborTrek Smugglers' Notch Featured on Vermont Public Television Outdoor Journal

Gina Bullard of WCAX joined us in the trees last October for a zip line canopy tour through Vermont's fall foliage.  While the zip line canopy tour is open year-round to guests at Smugglers' Notch Resort, locals, and visitors to the region, there is perhaps no better time to go zip lining in th...
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