ArborTrek Canopy Adventures makes it easy for you to book tours online for your clients and earn a commission.  When you’re a registered agent with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, you can make reservations online anytime day or night. ArborTrek offers two options for reselling tours:


Upon acceptance to the program, certified agents are provided an Agent ID. You’ll login with the ID each time you make a reservation. Once logged in, Agents will be able to request print materials, book reservations, and run reports to view their earnings. Commissioned earnings are paid out at the end of each month. As a certified agent, you are in charge of the reservation. You’ll be able to select dates and times, up-sell multiple adventures, provide your guests a better user experience, and earn higher commissions.


Designed for large tour operators, hoteliers, and event planners. Resellers are provided the same benefits as Certified Agents, but with the advantage of a fixed net rate designed to allow for packaged adventures. Resellers accept payment from their clients in advance and are billed for the tours that they use monthly. Terms are based on volume, tour fill rates, and credit history.


To get started as a Certified Agent or Reseller, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Get Registered
In order to start making reservations or to request information, the first step is to become a registered agent with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures. To register, please call us at (248) 481-2568. Once you are accepted as a certified reseller, you will be provided with an Agent ID for each of you agents. You’ll use the Agent ID any time you make reservations or request brochures and marketing materials.

STEP 2: Promote ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

Using copy from our website or print materials, you can easily begin promoting ArborTrek Canopy Adventures on your website or in your literature. High resolution images are available for use by agents and available in our high resolution image gallery. If there are other images in our photo gallery that you would prefer to use, please place a request along with the file name of the photo. Brochures are available by request. Click here to order print materials for your site.

STEP 3: Sell ArborTrek Canopy Adventure Tours on Your Website

Interested in selling our tours directly on your website? With our sophisticated new reservation system, we can embed the online reservation process directly into your own site. This way, you retain your customers longer on your site, maintain your branding, and can make commissions 24/7 without answering the phone. Your customers in turn are provided the same high quality, user-friendly booking experience as found on our site. If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact Michael Smith at (248) 481-2568.

STEP 4: Start booking tours direct online

The online booking process is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Make a Reservation” link.
  2. Enter your name and agent ID and click “Login.”
  3. Search for your desired date range.
  4. Select the tours you wish to reserve.
  5. See your expected commission or net rate at the top of the page.
  6. Submit your reservation and print or save your confirmation.

Note: It is possible to provide a confirmation directly from your agency to your clients. If you’d like your logo to appear on this confirmation, please send us a high resolution version of your logo in a jpg, gif, png or eps format.

It is our goal to provide you with the information you need in a way that is convenient and user-friendly.  Please visit our Resellers Resources page for additional content.



Whether you’re seeking to offer to a special promotion to increase traffic; have a good cause to promote, or simply to exchange links and increase web exposure, we’re always open to opportunities to partner with local businesses and organizations.


ArborTrek is actively seeking partners with property to develop our brand of canopy tours and adventure parks. We provide a complete solution for resorts, tour operators, and land owners who are seeking to enter the canopy tour and adventure park market.