Employment at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

Employment at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures


ArborTrek Canopy Adventures is always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, skilled individuals. While many of our position require individuals proficient in technical skills, previous experience working in the out-of-doors is not required. Strong communication skills and a passion for working with people is required.

We are accepting applications for Zip Line Canopy Tour Guides, Adventure Park Monitors, Builders, Course Managers, and Customer Service Specialists with staff training starting in early May with additional training and onboarding before and after Memorial Day Weekend.



Job applicants seeking work as a zip line canopy tour guide and treetop adventure monitor must be responsible and highly organized. Working on the canopy tour or treetop adventure course involves working at heights and in an environment that can be largely unpredictable. Successful candidates must be committed to taking responsibility for their safety and that of our guests and co-workers at all times. This means following operating procedures and role-modeling proper techniques. All candidates must undergo intensive training and pass a written and practical exam to gain full employment. Ongoing training and coaching are included.



Some positions may require prior experience working in the out-of-doors or specific certifications and training. Paid training is available and required for most positions. Ongoing training and skill development are at the core of our business. Applicants should be prepared to participate in an ongoing training and skill development program. Open communication and a willingness to give and receive feedback on performance are critical to the process in all positions of the organization.



Most positions inside the organization are seasonal. While tour operations have been conducted year-round, the summer provides the most opportunities for work. Staff will be offered work in the Fall, Winter, and Spring based on qualifications, performance, and seniority. Staff who come to the position with additional skills in construction, marketing, journalism, accounting, and small business management are likely to be provided additional work when business is slow.

Tours are offered seven days a week with departures scheduled throughout the day during the Summer and with reduced availability from Fall to Spring.  Early in the season, schedules often are in flux due to training and skill development needs.  As the season progresses, it is our goal to have schedules set a week or more in advance.  While we do our best to create regular schedules, staff should be prepared to submit days-off requests in advance.  During Peak Season, employees can expect to work long days. During the Off-Peak Season when work is more sporadic, employees can expect to receive work as it becomes available.



Entry-level positions pay between $16.00 and $19.00/hour, plus tips. In recent years, gratuities have averaged $3.75 to $7.00/hour for zip line canopy tour guides and monitors (when averaged over a summer season) and $3.50 to $4.75/hour for customer service positions and drivers for an average expected pay rate of $19.50 to $26.00/hour.

Administrative and office position pay is set by the position and based on the experience of the applicant. All full-time employees will receive access to our basic benefits package which includes friends and family discounts and access to pro-form purchasing from select vendors. Additional benefits may apply based on arrangements with local partners. These benefits are site-specific and not guaranteed.

Summer Season Minimum Pay Guarantee.  ArborTrek will review hours worked and wages earned (less training hours) at the end of the summer season and guarantee $19.00/hour minimum wage (including tips).   To be eligible, the employee must complete training and testing, arrive to work on time and be prepared to work daily, and make themselves available no less than 80% of open days from the start of employment to the end of summer.  The employee must work through to Labor Day, or an agreed-upon date in August, only if the employee is returning to school.  Complete dates and terms are to be set in the hiring agreement.  



Our business requires that staff are alert and functioning at their best. As a result, some ArborTrek locations participate in random drug testing.  ArborTrek reserves the right to terminate any employee without notice for positive findings or a breach of safety procedure. A more thorough employee manual will be provided to each employee upon hire.  Employees are expected to adhere to all policies inside the manual. Failure to meet policies and employee guidelines is a reason for immediate dismissal. ArborTrek reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel without notice, all or any part of our policies, procedures, and benefits at any time as needed.



ArborTrek Canopy Adventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

No officer of the company will discriminate against a current employee or an applicant for employment for reasons of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual preference, age, any physical or mental disability. or on their status as a veteran of the armed services.



All staff are expected to have reliable transportation to and from the site. 



Working in pairs, Zip Line Canopy Tour guides lead ArborTrek customers on 2-1/2- to 3-hour tours that feature zip lines, rappels, and sky bridges.  Guides are responsible for instructing and overseeing customer progression through the zip line canopy tour.  In addition to providing instruction and enforcing safety protocols, guides deliver commentary on the natural history and ecology of the area. The position requires working and movement at height along with strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

Zip Line Canopy Tour Guide, L1
Zip Line Canopy Tour Guide, L2


Adventure park monitors are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation of the Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure, a self-guided experience consisting of a series of elevated challenge obstacles including wobbly bridges, ropes swings, cargo nets, zip lines, and more designed to test customers’ agility, balance, and strength.  Monitors deliver instruction in the proper use of the equipment and oversee customer progression, providing coaching, instruction, and assistance as needed.  The position requires working at heights and strong interpersonal skills.

Adventure Park Monitor


Customer service specialists are energetic, enthusiastic and demonstrate strong communications skills.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, greeting guests upon their arrival at the facility, checking customers in for their scheduled tours, taking reservations in person and over the phone, processing and posting tour photos, light clerical and retail functions, and sales and marketing tasks.  Depending on age and qualifications, occasional driving may be required.

Customer Service Specialist


Responsible for transporting customers and staff to and from the tour locations.  Drivers must be personable and have strong communication skills as they will be responsible for greeting guests and providing a short narrative during the drive.  A commitment to safety and clean driving record are a must. Duties include some maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle.

 Tour Shuttle Driver


Course Builders are responsible for assisting in the design and installation of adventure park courses and zip lines, and, in some cases, subsequent maintenance, renovations, and upgrades to existing course structures.  Builders are expected to draw from a variety of fields of work including forestry, carpentry, climbing, rigging, metalworking, and surveying.  Interested applicants should submit a CV and, if available, challenge course portfolio.

 Zip Line & Aerial Adventure Course Builder / Mechanic


Responsible for ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization’s principal functions including but not limited to: staff development, day-to-day, customer service, course maintenance, compliance and record keeping, staffing, scheduling, quality control, sales, marketing and risk management. Industry experience required. Interest parties should submit a cover letter, CV, and challenge course portfolio.

 General Manager
 Course Manager
 Assistant Course Manager


To apply for any of the positions above, please download, complete and remit our  Employment Application form by e-mail, fax, or in person, or complete the Online Employment Application.  If applying for an administrative position, please also include a cover letter and resume detailing relevant work experience.  For applicants with previous experience in the canopy tour, aerial adventure park, or challenge course field, please remit a copy of your complete ACCT Challenge Course Portfolio and any certifications.

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