ArborTrek Canopy Adventures offers a variety of ways to view and purchase photos from your zip line canopy tour adventure.   Electronic photos packages are available for purchase before and after each zip line canopy tour.  Additionally, individual photos, keepsakes, and full print or digital packages can be found at


When you purchase an electronic photo package before or immediately following a zip line canopy tour, an email is sent to you that evening with a hyperlink to the photos. The link is generally valid for up to 60 days.  After that time, photos may or may not be available for electronic download.  We encourage guests to download their tour photos as soon as possible to prevent loss.  Photos are also published to where they can be viewed, purchased in print or digital format, and used to create keepsakes.   Zip line canopy tour photos can be purchased and will generally remain available for a year or more.

Photos are available for purchase and download in high-resolution digital formats and printed formats from ArborTrek before and after the tour.  Instructions and a link to the photos are sent out several hours after the tour ends.  Once you download the photos, you may post them to social sites, e-mail them to friends, or print them on your own printer or at a store.  If you choose to purchase the photos after your tour from, please follow the instructions on the website.  Prints and keepsakes will be sent to an address of your choice.  Guests purchasing electronic packages will receive a link to download the photos shortly after the transaction is processed.

 The e-mail we send includes outgoing links and html, both of which can cause it to get caught up in spam filters.  Before calling our office at (802) 644-9300, we recommend scanning your spam folder and trash folder, as well as, completing a mailbox search for the subject ARBORTREK TOUR PHOTOS. This turns up almost every request.

While we have had very good success delivering terabytes of photos to our guests, problems occasionally arise. Here are a few issues and ways to troubleshoot them.

When I follow the link and click on the download button, nothing happens. Instructions are provided in the e-mail that accompanies the link to your photos. The link that is included in the e-mail provides users access to all of the photos taken on the day of purchase. Make certain that you follow instructions to download just your tour. Electronic packages can be sizeable and data rates may apply. We recommend waiting until you are on a non-metered account to download your photos. Many cell phone apps, internet security programs, and business internet security systems prevent the download of large files. Some cell phone operating systems will not be able to handle the download and extraction of ZIP files without an app installed. Please call our office at (802) 644-9300 and we will do our best to find a solution to get you your files.

When I follow the link, there are no files in the folder. We send photo e-mails and links near the end of each business day once all of the photos should have had time to load to our cloud server. On busy days or days where the internet is slow, it can take several hours for all of the tour photos to process and load to the cloud. If your photos do not appear by the next business day, please call our office at all our office at (802) 644-9300 and we will troubleshoot the problem.

A photo that we saw during the slideshow at the end of the tour is missing? Prior to loading the photos to the web, each image is run through a series of filters. During this process, some photos mysteriously disappear and are not loaded. Please call our office and let us know your name, tour date and time, and the name of your guides and we will check the queue to see if some of the photos are stuck in the queue.

The link I received is not to my photos. Our staff process a lot of photos and occasionally mistakes happen. Please call our office at (802) 644-9300 and we will do our best to locate your photos or refund your purchase.

Electronic photo packages can be purchased prior to your tour for $14.95/reservation plus taxes and fees or immediately after your tour for $24.95/reservation, plus taxes and fees. Prices are per reservation and not per person. Additional options are available at

Participants may bring their own camera on the tours and take photos provided that the act of taking photos does not interfere with the experience of other guests or present safety concerns. Participants must have both hands free when traversing zip lines and crossing bridges. Participants who wish to obtain point-of-view (POV) video or images while on the tour should bring a GoPro or similar camera with a chest, wrist, or helmet mount. ArborTrek recommends the use of small, digital cameras with wrist straps or retainer straps. We discourage the use of camera phones, tablets, or other imaging devices which do not have a lanyard or solid attachment point. ArborTrek Canopy Adventures cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of personal electronics, cameras, or possessions brought on to the tour by participants. Cameras may be damaged by fall from heights, collision with other objects, course elements, guides, or other participants, weather, or other means. Tours will not be halted to retrieve dropped cameras or personal possessions.

We offer the option for our guests to purchase an electronic photo package and download their photos from the cloud or to purchase individual prints and keepsakes at at a fair price.

We’re sorry you dislike your sister-in-law, ex-girlfriend, spouse, boss, or another person, but this is not a service we offer.

We encourage telling the truth.

Please approach your guide prior to the tour and request he/she not take your photo. We will do our best to honor your request. Note: All participants are required to sign a media release prior to accessing the course. While we do our best to honor each guest's requests, we do not accept any alterations to our participant agreement and release form, and our staff are not authorized by the company to enter into oral or written agreements that void or alter the language of the participant agreement.


Please call our office at (802) 644-9300. We’re happy to help. So that we might best assist you, please be prepared with the name of the guest who booked the tour, tour date and time, and, if you recall, the names of your guides.