Whether focused on serious educational and treatment objectives or purely on group recreation, the school, youth, and community group programs offered at ArborTrek are designed to educate, entertain, and inspire.

The options presented in this guide provide broad progressions that have proved successful for thousands of school groups. The descriptions should enable group leaders to select a program that will best fit their needs. After choosing a schoolprogram option or options, group leaders should arrange to meet with an ArborTrek Course Manager to complete a needs assessment, develop a program, and establish specific program objectives. The more we know about your group prior to the program, the more the experience can be tailored to its needs.

If none of the standard options in this guide fit your group, please let us know and we will work to design a custom program for you.

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  • Elementary School Classes (grades 5 and older)
  • Middle School Classes
  • High School Classes
  • Teacher & School Faculty Groups
  • Student Government/Leadership Groups
  • School Athletic Teams
  • Physics Classes
  • Peer Mentor Programs
  • Graduation Events
  • All-night Parties/Lock-ins
  • Religious Groups
  • Scouts Groups
  • University & College Orientation Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Adventure Education Programs
  • Home School Groups


Group boosts student over a group team wall

So-called “Group Initiatives”, involving real and imaginary ground-based obstacles, present physical, mental, and emotional challenges that invite a group to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication.

The success of a schoolgroup in meeting the challenges of an initiatives sequence will depend not only upon individual strengths but also upon creativity, tenacity, strategic planning, shared risk taking, the allocation of resources, and the ability to create a climate in which students are able to trust each other and in which each student’s contributions are recognized and valued. In the process, students should discover their collective power to meet the ongoing challenge of work in other settings. Whatever the focus of a school groupprogram, nearly every group comes away from the experience with a renewed sense of community and common purpose.


Our award-winning, eco-adventure activities, including the Zip Line Canopy Tour, Treetop Obstacle Course, and Climbing Adventure provide novel opportunities for youth and adult groups to come together and share in a common adventure. Each event consists of lively, dynamic, eco-friendly activities designed to motivate, inspire, and create lasting memories. 

X and O challenge obstacle
Treetop Obstacle Course (Aerial Adventure Park / Ropes Course)

Designed for those who like to get physical. Slide, balance, jump, crawl, climb, and stroll through the trees on more than 80 challenge obstacles, rated easy to extreme.

Cost: Call for Group Rates
Availability: Spring to Fall

Ziplining in Northern Vermont
Zip Line Canopy Tour

Soar through the forest on 8 zip lines, cross 2 sky bridges, rappel from trees, and learn about the local ecology and natural history on a 2.5-to 3-hour, guided eco-adventure.

Cost: Call for Group Rates
Availability: Spring to Fall

Climber on vertical challenge obstacle

Test your climbing prowess on a series of tree climbs, vertical challenge course obstacles, and artificial rock climbs. More than a dozen obstacles. Easy to extreme.

Cost: Call for Group Rates
Availability: Spring to Fall



Since 1994, ArborTrek Canopy Adventures’ President, Michael Smith, has provided adventure challenge programming to students in schools throughout southeast Michigan, eastern New York, northern Ohio, central Tennessee, and, now, northern Vermont. During this time, programs he has managed have delivered adventure experiences to more than one-hundred-eighty thousand students. A great many teachers and school administrators are familiar with the benefits of these programs to their student populations. Fewer know that the same programs can yield equally valuable results for the school staff who regularly bring their students to our and other courses.


Over the years we have designed programs to meet a variety of staff development needs for school personnel. These offerings can be presented in the context of a staff retreat, on-site as part of an in-service day, in open enrollment classes at our own facilities, or to self-organized groups at a site of their own choosing. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer.

  • Team Building for Teachers and Staff. A half-day or full-day program of group initiatives for adults instead of kids.
  • Adventure Challenge Awareness Session. A full-day hands-on introduction to adventure challenge programming with students.
  • Facilitator Training. Instruction in basic to advanced facilitating skills for low and high element challenge course programs.
  • Curriculum Development. Instruction and consultation for teachers who wish to include adventure challenge in the school curriculum.