We receive more requests for donations each year than we can possibly respond to or contribute to. ArborTrek is committed to supporting charities and events in our local community, but our resources are limited.

There are many charities and events that we would like to support, but we have to be very selective and work inside our means. To reduce the pressure on our staff and to make certain that we are investing our time and money wisely, donation requests are reviewed quarterly. These reviews are generally conducted in January, April, July, and October. Decisions about which events and charities to support are made at these meetings. Organizations who submit requests early are most likely to receive a positive response.

Inquiries regarding sponsorship and participation for conferences, festivals, and public events including rental or use of our mobile climbing wall, temporary zip line setup, or booth setup, should be made separately to Michael Smith at

All requests for donations, sponsorship, or charity event participation should be made using the form below. Prior to submitting the form, please take a minute to review the “Tips to Consider” section below.

Tips to Consider:

Priority is given to requests supporting local businesses, schools, charities, and events that provide exposure to potential clients. We are also partial to events that support the environment.

Our company does NOT typically provide cash donations. Instead, we donate tour vouchers that can be raffled or given away.

We are happy to consider co-hosting charity events and working with groups to create exciting events that will generate media and PR attention. With such events, the requesting organization should be prepared to offer PR and media support, as well as, volunteers to assist with event operation. We rarely are able to support large events during our peak season between mid-June and Labor Day.

Donations can be paid only to qualified, tax-exempt 501c3 charitable organizations, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service; not to individuals.

In considering your request, we place priority on events and donations that provide ArborTrek media exposure to a new client base. For each $100 in tour voucher value requested, we generally seek direct exposure of our services and product to 1,000 qualified persons (those capable of affording and participating in our tours). In detailing your request, please include a detailed accounting of benefits to be provided.