COVID-19 Procedures

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our participant requirements, updated on 5/15/2021.  Updates will be posted to this location as they become available.  Call (802) 644-9300 with questions or concerns.


All guests and staff are required to wear a cloth face covering while at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, on ArborTrek Canopy Adventure’s property, and participating in or observing ArborTrek Canopy Adventure activities and programs, whether indoors or outside, and whether you are vaccinated on not.   You are welcome to bring your own.  If you forget to bring one, we have them available for $1.50 in the retail store.


We will not be using any paper agreements signed on-site at this time. Please have everyone in your group sign their Participant Agreement electronically using the link in your confirmation email.   Forms can also be completed electronically on-site prior to check-in using a personal cell phone or one of our tablets.


Please call us at (802) 644-9300 to learn about scheduling a private tour.


When you arrive for your activity/program, you will be greeted by one of our staff.  They will be confirming the following things before sending your group inside to meet your guides.

  • Everyone in your group has a face covering.
  • Everyone in your group has signed a Participant Agreement electronically.
  • Leave ALL personal items in your vehicle. We are unable to hold on to any personal items at this time.
  • Please sanitize your car keys with a Clorox wipe or disinfectant spray if you’d like us to hold car keys for you.
  • Complete medical screening


Are you sick?  If you have any of the following signs or symptoms of illness, or have tested positive for please stay home. We’ll be here when you feel better!

Please call us at 802-644-9300 and stay home if you have any of the following signs or symptoms 

  • You have experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours:
    • fever or chills
    • cough
    • shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing
    • fatigue
    • muscle or body aches
    • headache
    • new loss of taste or smell
    • sore throat
    • congestion or runny nose
    • nausea or vomiting
    • diarrhea
  • You are quarantining or isolating because you tested positive for COVID-19 or are worried that you may be sick with COVID-19
  • You have been in close physical contact in the last fourteen (14) days with anyone who is known to have laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 or anyone who has any symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • You are not currently awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test
  • You are in compliance with Vermont travel restrictions


We will be limiting the number of guests allowed in our Welcome Center.  Your patience is appreciated.


We have increased our cleaning routines for facilities, gear, and equipment.  Some life safety equipment cannot be cleaned using chemical sanitizers.  As such, we request that all participants sanitize their hands through frequent washing and/or use of hand sanitizer prior to donning equipment and immediately after the tour.  We request that guests use caution in applying hand sanitizer when wearing life safety equipment including but not limited to harnesses and lanyards, which manufacturers recommend not be exposed to chemicals.